How to download more RAM

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No, actually. We can do this by increasing our swap with Zram.

What exactly is Zram?

Zram basically takes a part of your actual physical ram and stores compressed ram contents in it. The gains are crazy

Why not just increase the swap directly?

Because regular swap is slower than Zram.


  1. Install zram-generator. On Archlinux, its

    pacman -S zram-generator
  2. Configure your /etc/systemd/zram-generator.conf

    [zram0  ]
    zram-size = ram * 2
    compression-algorithm = zstd
    swap-priority = 100
    fs-type = swap

    Now we just need to care about zram-size, it actually refers to the uncompressed size of Zram, not the compressed one, this means it will use a lot less of you actual physical ram. Please experiment with it until you find the sweet spot. For me it is 4 times the size of the ram. It works fine.

  3. Start Systemd service.

    systemctl daemon-reload
    systemctl start systemd-zram-setup@zram0.service 

    Note that you don't need to enable it. It will happen automatically upon reboot.

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