My friend

The scenery from the terrace on his home was beautiful. His house was surrounded by lush green trees on its corners. It had gently rained just a few hours ago, in the afternoon, and the sun had set just a while ago, but the cloudy sky had already made a dusk like atmosphere. Ram was feeling little uneasy from the dream he got. That is why he called Mehul so that he can talk to him. Ram had been waiting for Mehul for more than 15 minutes now.

As the tree branches swung in the cold breeze, Ram thought to himself, "When will it end?". Ram was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 23 years old, Ram still remembers the day, Dr. Paramjeet Singh, the famous doctor of the town, immediately diagnosed him with schizophrenia after a 3-hour-long session. The doctor-"Ram!", shouted Mehul. Ram got up from his plastic chair and went downstairs to open the door to Mehul, as he was getting down, he recalled how Mehul was the only friend who supported him, when everyone else was making fun of him for his mental condition.

Ram's heart skipped a beat as he swung open the door to find Mehul standing there with a warm smile. The sight of his friend brought a sense of comfort that eased some of the unease. They exchanged a quick embrace before retreating to the familiar comfort of the terrace.

"So, what were you up to before I called?" Ram asked, trying to steer his mind away from the lingering effects of the dream.

Mehul chuckled, settling down on one of the plastic chairs. "Oh, I was watching this new movie that everyone's been raving about. It was a much-needed break from work and everything else going on."

As the night enveloped them, the terrace transformed into a private haven, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Overhead, the stars began to emerge, their faint glimmers piercing through the clouds. The distant city lights twinkled like fallen stars on the horizon and the trees were gently shaking from the now cooler breeze.

Ram found himself relaxing in the company of his friend, the darkness and serenity of the night a balm to his soul. With Mehul by his side, the weight of his condition seemed to ease, and he felt comfortable enough to open up about the haunting dream that had been troubling him.

"I had this strange dream, Mehul," Ram admitted, his voice tinged with vulnerability. "It felt so real, like it was trying to tell me something, but I can't make sense of it." "Tell me more about it," said Mehul, willing to listen.

"We were in your room watching some anime, and then we heard some gunshots from the storage room. I went to check, and when I returned, I saw a doppelgänger…" Ram paused, his gaze fixated on the stars above.

"Why don't you continue, Ram?" Mehul encouraged.

"The doppelgänger was standing behind you," Ram continued, his voice trembling. "He looked at me with a sinister grin, and I noticed a handgun in his hand which the doppelgänger pointed towards you." Ram paused again, taking a deep breath.

As the words left Ram's lips, he turned back, expecting to see Mehul's reassuring presence. But to his horror, Mehul was not there. Instead, he heard a strange voice behind him, chilling and unfamiliar, "And then, I shot Mehul!"

Ram's heart pounded in his chest as he slowly turned around to face the doppelgänger. The sinister figure wore an unsettling smile, an exact replica of Mehul, but devoid of the warmth and compassion Ram knew so well. The doppelgänger's grip on the handgun tightened, and fear gripped Ram's soul.

"Mehul, it's me, your friend!" Ram pleaded, trying to reason with the imposter.

In a heartbeat, the doppelgänger raised the gun, and before Ram could react, a shot rang out. Pain seared through Ram's chest as he fell to the ground, his vision blurred by tears and disbelief.

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