Who is crying?

Who is it? When you say the Earth is crying, to whom are you referring to? You explain that it is just a personification of Earth, and that it doesn't literally mean the Earth is crying. Well then, what is it referring to? You say that it's referring to the bad we are doing to our Earth by cutting down acres of forests, polluting the oceans, emitting greenhouse gases which increase the temperature of the Earth in a process called global heating. I see, so why is that bad to the Earth? You look at me confused, and ask what I mean, everything you described is not harmful to the Earth specifically, but rather it's harmful to us, the Earthlings, it is just our existential crisis which we are projecting onto the Earth. The Earth is not harmed if we destroy ourselves through nuclear war, nor is it harmed if we kill all other Earthlings except humans. You say …

Author: tusharhero (tusharhero@sdf.org)

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